Allred Campaign Expands TV Ads to Austin and Brownsville, Releases New Ad Focused on Abortion

DALLAS  Today, the Allred campaign is announcing it is expanding its TV advertising campaign to the Austin and McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen media markets, and it is releasing a new TV ad focused on abortion called “Freedom.”

This expansion in advertising is in addition to the campaign’s statewide digital advertising, the TV ad focused on Allred’s “Texas Story,” that has been airing in Dallas and Houston and their surrounding areas in the respective media markets, and a Spanish-language ad focused on his family roots in Brownsville, which is now live on TV in South Texas and on digital platforms across the state. Allred is currently the only candidate in the Senate race running paid communication programs to voters across the state on digital platforms and TV.

Watch the new 30-second television spot called “Freedom” here

Script for “Freedom”:

I am Colin Allred, and in Texas we believe in freedom. Keeping government out of our personal lives.

But our state’s extreme abortion ban lets politicians like Ted Cruz decide what care women get — not their doctors.

My wife and I have been blessed with two beautiful baby boys.

It’s outrageous she could have been denied treatment in an emergency.

As your Senator, I will keep fighting to protect women’s access to abortion.

I am Colin Allred and I approve this message because it’s time to bring freedom back to Texas.

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