Allred on Cruz’s Bipartisan Charade: “I Don’t Think Ted Cruz Is Fooling Anybody”

DALLAS – Since his first day in the House, Congressman Colin Allred has worked to bridge the partisan divide in Congress to deliver real results for Texans, winning awards from organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his bipartisanship.

report in the Texas Tribune dives deep into that record of bipartisanship – including how Allred is “ranked the most bipartisan member of the Texas congressional delegation.” The story draws a sharp contrast with Ted Cruz’s career of partisanship and division.

“I don’t think Ted Cruz is fooling anybody,” Allred said in the story. “He spent 12 years being the most divisive — and proudly so — partisan warrior in the United States. And I think it’s kind of laughable actually that at this point, when he’s in a close race, that he wants to now stress, ‘Oh, actually I have been working in a bipartisan way.’”

When Allred played in the NFL as a linebacker, they had a saying: check the tape – because the tape doesn’t lie.

Here’s what the Texas Tribune is reporting about Ted Cruz’s real record:

  • “His critics say he’s trying to rewrite history, noting that Cruz has built a persona that demonizes Democrats. In his podcast, countless radio and television appearances, and his books, Cruz routinely blasts the other party as actively working to destroy the country.”

  • “Cruz consistently votes against some of the biggest bipartisan bills in Congress and is routinely ranked as one of the most conservative members in the Senate.”

  • “He was ranked 91 out of 98 senators in 2021 in the Lugar Center’s bipartisan index by Georgetown University… Texas’ senior Sen. John Cornyn was ranked 8th.”

  • “[Javier] Palomarez, a lifelong Democrat who is part of Cruz’ coalition, formerly led the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce until 2018, when he stepped down over allegations of financial misconduct and sexual harassment.” 

  • “Cruz has also voted against nearly every major bill pushed by Biden, including bipartisan bills that garnered the support of other Texas Republicans. He opposed the CHIPS and Science Act and the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act — both major bills that Cornyn worked on. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which he voted against, ended up investing billions into Texas roads and bridges.”

  • “When bipartisan Senate negotiators unveiled a border plan that would put harder caps on the number of migrants admitted into the country, Cruz was one of the most vocal to declare the bill dead after Trump urged Republicans not to support the bill.”

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