Allred Releases Statement on Cruz Voting Against Advancing Nomination for U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz voting against advancing the nomination of Jack Lew to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Lew’s nomination passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this morning with a bipartisan vote

“Less than three weeks ago, Israel was brutally attacked by terrorists, the worst attack in its history with the most Jews killed in a single event since the Holocaust. Right now, we must continue to do all we can to stand firmly at our ally Israel’s side to defeat Hamas while also ensuring that innocent Palestinian civilians are able to access the humanitarian aid they need. 

This morning, Ted Cruz once again chose cynical partisan politics over what’s best for our nation by voting against a highly-qualified nominee for Ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew. By voting against this nomination – as well as stalling other key national security nominees – Ted Cruz and a handful of extremist Senators are jeopardizing our national security and hampering our ability to lead on the world stage.”

Cruz was one of just 9 Senators last month to vote to shut down the government, which would have likely left the federal government paralyzed and unfunded during this global crisis. 

Last month, Cruz also continued stalling the appointment of a Chief of Naval Operations and voted against confirming a highly-qualified Texan to become the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Cruz has also stood by as Sen. Tommy Tuberville has blocked high-ranking military officials from every service branch from being confirmed, which military experts say is “hamper[ing] the ability of the US government to respond” to the ongoing crisis. 

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