Allred Releases Video Statement Marking National Diabetes Awareness Month

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released a video statement marking National Diabetes Awareness Month, highlighting the toll diabetes takes on families across Texas and reiterating his commitment to working to bring down the costs of life-saving prescription drugs, as he did with the $35 monthly insulin cap in the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Ted Cruz not only voted no on this bill, he also specifically fought to block a $35 monthly insulin cap for non-Medicare patients. 

A transcript of Allred’s video statement can be found below:

“November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Nearly 3 million Texans are living with diabetes, a chronic illness that takes an immense physical, emotional, mental, and financial toll on countless families in our state. 

“In my time in Congress, I’ve heard from so many Texans about the skyrocketing cost of insulin and other diabetes medication. In fact, it’s so high that one in four Americans are rationing the prescriptions they need – but we know what that really means is that they’re risking their lives because they can’t afford these medically-necessary medications. And in this country, that’s unacceptable. 

“That’s why I’ve been dedicated to lowering the cost of insulin in my time in Congress. And last year, I took on Big Pharma with my colleagues in Congress and capped the cost of insulin at $35 a month for seniors on Medicare. Major insulin manufacturers were then forced to respond and capped their costs for everyone at $35 because of our work. And Ted Cruz? Well, he voted no on this historic legislation. 

“This bill was a big deal – an example of the kind of work that I will continue to do in the Senate to provide real relief for Texans. So this National Diabetes Awareness Month, I want to reiterate that I am committed to making sure we can always get things done for Texans – and that lowering prescription drug costs is always going to be one of my top priorities.”

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