BREAKING VIDEO: Ted Cruz Refuses to Answer Questions on Cox v. Texas and the Real World Fallout of His Abortion Ban

Dallas, TX — New video has just emerged of Senator Ted Cruz – who fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, called Dobbs a “massive victory”, and explicitly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions – refusing to answer journalists’ questions on Cox v. Texas and the real world fallout of his abortion ban.

It has been four days since one of Ted Cruz’s constituents was forced to flee Texas to get emergency abortion care after doctors told her that continuing her nonviable pregnancy could jeopardize her life. Since then, Cruz has repeatedly refused to say a single word in public on the case, despite his countless unrelated tweets and recording two podcasts.

Click here or above to watch Cruz refuse to answer questions on the consequences of his abortion ban

NBC News: Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn avoid questions about Kate Cox abortion case

  • “Cruz, pressed about the case three separate times, repeatedly told NBC News to call his press office without engaging further.”
  • “‘This is the outcome of years of extremists’ pushing for us to be in this position where we are now, where abortion is banned in effectively all cases,’” Allred said. ‘It’s outrageous. And we have to address it at the national level by codifying Roe v. Wade, which is what I’ll do in the Senate, versus Ted Cruz, who wants a national ban.’”

The New York Times: Democrats Seize on Texas Case in Push for Abortion Rights

  • “…Allred, the Texas Democrat running to unseat Senator Ted Cruz, cast the ruling as emblematic of the kind of abortion bans Republicans would enact across the country. ‘This is not an unintended consequence of these extreme policies — this is exactly what folks like Ted Cruz wanted and a pretty predictable outcome of their policies,’ Mr. Allred said. ‘Unfortunately, Kate’s story is not going to be the last one we hear like this.’”

The Messenger: Texas Sens. Cruz, Cornyn Dodge on Abortion Amid Kate Cox Case

  • “’After fighting for years to enact our state’s extreme abortion ban, Ted Cruz refuses to take any accountability for the tragic situations he has put Texas women in,’ [Allred said]. ‘Texas women can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz.’”

Newsweek: Ted Cruz Grilled Over Texas Ruling on Kate Cox Abortion

The New Republic: Ted Cruz Really, Really Does Not Want to Talk About That Texas Abortion Case

Vanity Fair: Ted Cruz Won’t Discuss Texas’s Horrific Treatment of Woman Denied Abortion Despite Fatal Fetus Diagnosis (Because He Knows How Bad It Looks)

Rolling Stone: Texas Abortion Case Exposes GOP’s Inability to Defend Their Own Laws

HuffPost: GOP Ducks Questions About Texas Woman Denied Abortion Despite Threat To Her Life

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