ICYMI: Allred Hosts Health Care Roundtable On Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

San Antonio, TX – On Monday, Congressman Colin Allred led a roundtable discussing the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Allred was joined by Congressman Joaquin Castro, State Rep. Josey Garcia along with doctors and other health care leaders.

The event was covered by the San Antonio Report, which detailed the discussion on how the Affordable Care Act has helped Bexar County residents and the work still needed to ensure more Texans have access to affordable health care. Additionally, Allred, Castro, Garcia all shared personal stories about health care, including Castro’s recent battle with cancer.

Excerpts from the San Antonio Report: 

“[The roundtable discussed] …how San Antonio leaders are dealing with closing hospitals, like one that recently shuttered on the South Side, and a large uninsured population that’s growing as residents who received Medicaid during the pandemic are being removed from the rolls.”

“Allred is running against Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz who famously shut the government down in his crusade against the Affordable Care Act in 2013…”

“But Obamacare has since grown in popularity, and Cruz’s continued efforts to unravel it — by gutting its protections for people with preexisting conditions — provided Democrats with their most effective line of attack against Republicans across the country in 2018.” 

“‘I find it amazing that this guy still wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, wants to go back to the days of folks having a preexisting condition being discriminated against,’ Allred told the gathering Monday.”

“As Allred seeks to bring health care to the forefront in his race, he and his guests, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) and state Rep. Josey Garcia, all opened up about personal experiences with the health care system at Monday’s gathering.”

“Allred, who was raised by a single mother, said he was particularly grateful Obamacare made it so that people can’t be kicked off or denied health insurance for developing a serious illness.”

Read the story here: https://sanantonioreport.org/colin-allred-joaquin-castro-health-care-texas-senate-race-2024/ 

Allred has consistently supported efforts to strengthen the Affordable Care Act by reducing health insurance costs, decreasing the prices of prescription medications, and capping insulin costs at $35 a month for those with Medicare. The Affordable Care Act protects health care access for the 5 million Texans living with pre-existing conditions and provides insurance coverage for nearly 3.5 million Texans.

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