ICYMI: Allred in Dallas Morning News Op-ed: ‘What’s happening in Texas right now is a tragedy’

Dallas, TX —  Today, in an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News, Congressman Colin Allred wrote about the real-world impacts of Texas’ draconian abortion laws, championed by extreme Republicans like Ted Cruz.

Key excerpts:

  • “[Kate Cox’s] tragic story was not an unintended consequence of the abortion ban. This was exactly what its proponents were fighting for — a state where abortion is banned in effectively all cases. Cox’s tragedy was not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last.”
  • “None of this sounds like freedom to me. Pairing our state’s total abortion ban with an interstate travel ban is turning Texas women into prisoners in their own state.
  • The long-term negative impacts this law will have on Texas will be wide-ranging and debilitating. Texas businesses will find it harder to recruit and retain top talent in Texas. Our university systems and medical schools will see fewer women applying and wanting to stay in Texas. Our world-class hospital systems will continue to see medical professionals flee Texas for states where arbitrary restrictions are not placed on their ability to provide care.”

Ted Cruz is among the most extreme members of the Senate on taking away a woman’s right to choose. He has fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, called Dobbs a “massive victory,” and explicitly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions. Additionally, Cruz is the author of the extreme national abortion ban proposal.

Cruz still has not commented on the tragic impacts the policy he supported has had on Kate Cox and other Texas women.

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