ICYMI: Allred on MSNBC: ‘Does this Sound Like Freedom to Anybody?’

Dallas, TX — Last night, Congressman Colin Allred joined MSNBC host Alex Wagner to discuss the ever-worsening attacks on reproductive freedom Texas women are facing – as well as the extremism and culture wars that Texas’ elected officials like Ted Cruz are forcing upon everyday Texans.  

In the interview, Wagner asked Allred specifically about new Republican-led efforts in Texas to impose restrictions on women traveling out of state to receive critical abortion care. Allred responded:

“Does this sound like freedom to anybody? What are we going to do next… start boarding planes, and trains, and buses, and asking women, ‘What’s the nature of your travel, ma’am?’ I mean, where is this going? It’s so unbelievable, and it’s a tragedy, what’s happening in our state.”

Congressman Allred joins Alex Wagner on MSNBC to discuss the dangers posed to Texas women by ever-worsening attacks on their reproductive freedom. Click here or above to watch the full clip.

Additional key quotes:

  • On abortion bans in Texas: “There are lawyers, not doctors, determining whether or not a woman is sick enough to have a pregnancy terminated. There are victims of rape and incest with nowhere to go. And it’s a tragedy for our state, but we don’t have to put up with it. We can codify Roe v. Wade at the federal level – I voted to do that in the House of Representatives, and when I’m in the Senate, we will do that. And we can vote out folks like Ted Cruz who want to take this nationwide, who want to have a nationwide ban on abortion – and to inspect your travel. So folks out there who think that’s not who we are as Americans or Texans – I ask them to go to es.colinallred.com and get involved with us.”
  • On Ted Cruz’s beer stunt: “[Ted Cruz is] playing Texas. He thinks that that’s what Texas is. He’s a fake Texan in a lot of ways. He’s an Ivy League-trained lawyer. He knows what he’s talking about… He’s pretending and he’s trying to appeal to the culture war. That’s the only thing he has to offer. He doesn’t vote for the infrastructure bill that’s bringing $35 billion to our state over five years, or the CHIPS and Science Act, which is bringing high-tech manufacturing to Texas. He doesn’t vote after the shooting in Uvalde for the [Bipartisan] Safer Communities Act, which is the first time in 30 years we’ve done anything on gun violence, that John Cornyn helped lead. This is what he has to offer: this culture war, and stunts. And Texans are embarrassed and they’re tired of it. And that’s why we’re going to get rid of him.”

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