ICYMI: AP Investigation Shows Harrowing Reality of Texas Women as a Result of Abortion Ban Ted Cruz Supports

DALLAS – Last week the Associated Press published an investigation detailing the lack of emergency abortion care in Texas and across the country, detailing several stories including a woman who was forced to miscarry in a hospital lobby restroom in Houston.

“This harrowing reality is a direct result of the cruel abortion ban that extreme politicians like Ted Cruz support,” said Allred. “This campaign is about protecting Texans’ freedoms including the freedom to access an abortion. In the U.S. Senate, I will restore Roe v. Wade and ensure that women can get the health care they need.”

From the AP story:

  • ​​Complaints that pregnant women were turned away from U.S. emergency rooms spiked in 2022 after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, federal documents obtained by The Associated Press reveal.
  • The cases raise alarms about the state of emergency pregnancy care in the U.S., especially in states that enacted strict abortion laws and sparked confusion around the treatment doctors can provide.
  • Consider what happened to a woman who was nine months pregnant and having contractions when she arrived at the Falls Community Hospital in Marlin, Texas, in July 2022, a week after the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. The doctor on duty refused to see her.
  • “The physician came to the triage desk and told the patient that we did not have obstetric services or capabilities,” hospital staff told federal investigators during interviews, according to documents. “The nursing staff informed the physician that we could test her for the presence of amniotic fluid. However, the physician adamantly recommended the patient drive to a Waco hospital.”
  • At Sacred Heart Emergency Center in Houston, front desk staff refused to check in one woman after her husband asked for help delivering her baby that September. She miscarried in a restroom toilet in the emergency room lobby while her husband called 911 for help.
  • “She is bleeding a lot and had a miscarriage,” the husband told first responders in his call, which was transcribed from Spanish in federal documents. “I’m here at the hospital but they told us they can’t help us because we are not their client.”

Read the story here: https://apnews.com/article/pregnancy-emergency-care-abortion-supreme-court-roe-9ce6c87c8fc653c840654de1ae5f7a1c 

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