On Day 28 of Silence from Cruz, Allred Tells ‘Inside Texas Politics’ Texas’

Dallas, TX — After four weeks of Cruz refusing to comment on the Texas Supreme Court’s decision to deny a Texas woman in need of urgent care an abortion, Allred sat down with WFAA’s Jason Whitely for the statewide ‘Inside Texas Politics’ program to discuss Texas’ draconian abortion laws, championed by extreme Republicans like Ted Cruz – as well as Allred’s continued fight to restore Texas women’s freedom.

Click here or above to watch Allred discussing abortion access on ‘Inside Texas Politics.’

Key quotes:

  • “My wife and I have had two baby boys at Baylor in the last five years. And I just can’t imagine how we would have handled it if our doctor had come in and said, ‘There’s a problem with the baby – with the pregnancy – you have to make a very difficult decision, but there’s nothing that I can do to help you.’ That’s the reality that’s happening in our state right now.” 
  • “I’m a fourth-generation Texan. This is not who we are. We’re not a state…just run by extremists. We’re a state that understands that people should be left to their own devices – to give them freedom, a chance to chase their version of the American Dream. That’s not occurring right now. We can fix it.”

Ted Cruz is among the most extreme members of the Senate on taking away a woman’s right to choose. He has fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, called Dobbs a “massive victory”, and explicitly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions. Additionally, Cruz is the author of the extreme national abortion ban proposal.

Cruz still has not commented on the tragic impacts the policy he supported has had on Kate Cox and other Texas women.

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