Out with the Old, In with the New: New Year, New Senator

Dallas, TX — As we begin the election year, there is a clear contrast between Colin Allred and Ted Cruz. While Cruz only cares about himself, Allred has spent his time delivering for Texans and will continue to do so as their Senator.

Health Care:


Retirement Security:

  • OUT: Ted Cruz called Social Security a “ponzi scheme” and wants to gut it – and was one of just 8 Senators to vote against strengthening Medicare in 2015.
  • IN: Colin Allred will continue fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security for Texas seniors who spent a lifetime paying into those programs and rely on them to retire with dignity and security. He has repeatedly stood up to right-wing efforts to cut benefits and privatize Social Security or turn Medicare into a voucher system.

Jobs and the Future of Texas:

  • OUT: Ted Cruz voted against the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.
  • IN: Colin Allred helped pass these bills, which are already bringing huge investments to Texas, from strengthening Texas’ position as “the hub of U.S. chip manufacturing” to bringing in $35 billion in investments for our roads, bridges, airports, and more, as well as bringing a $1 billion Hydrogen Hub to Houston.

Border Security and Immigration:

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